Need Better Year-End Collections?

Our Year-End Collection Process Significantly Increases Both the Percentage and Pace of Collections.

Few organizations depend on fourth quarter collections as much as law firms.

Poor year-end collections mean a poor year, translating to lower bonuses, less capital investment and diminished morale. We have devised a process that takes the guesswork out maximizing your fourth quarter collections.

Characteristics of Our Collection Campaigns

We devise and implement standalone collection “campaigns” that begin in September and end on December 31st.

Designed for Your Firm

To ensure success, we design campaigns to fit with the norms of your culture, your client base and the personalities of your attorneys.

Increase Attorney Motivation

Using the latest techniques, we increase attorney motivation and commitment.

Improve Existing Systems

These campaigns are an excellent opportunity to refine existing systems, tools and strategies.

Teach Essential Skills

The success of the campaign hinges on the effectiveness of your attorneys. We teach them what they need to succeed.

Complement Collection Department

This service complements the ongoing efforts of your billing and collection department; it does not replace it.

Develop Self Sufficiency

As part of the campaign, we teach your team how to run it next year.

Getting Started

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