What Differentiates Us?

According to our clients, here’s what sets our services apart...

Clear Focus on Growing Profits

We never lose sight of the fact that law firms hire us ultimately to help their firms become more profitable. And with those higher profits, they can fund new growth, hire the best talent, pay competitive compensation and achieve market dominance.

Deep Understanding of Law Firms

Having worked inside law firms for over 25 years, we truly understand how they operate. We have first-hand experience of the challenges facing AMLAW 100 attorneys and executives working in the finance, operations and technology side of the firm.

Practical and Proven Skill Set

We bring the necessary skills and expertise to make your next project a success. We are well steeped in the latest pricing models, data analytics and finance tools, modern compensation systems and lateral and firm acquisitions techniques.

Success in Leading Large Change Efforts

The type of changes we help law firms make —altering service pricing, refining compensation systems and improving “fiscal hygiene” — require a strong understanding of law firm culture, proven project management skills and the ability to negotiate competing interests to come a mutually beneficial end result.

Partnership with In-House Pricing and Accounting Staff

The success of our engagements depends on hands-on collaboration with your in-house finance and accounting teams.  We rely on these professionals for data, understanding and insight throughout the project. At the end of the engagement, we work closely with them to maintain and carry forth the end results.