About Concata

Concata Is a Legal Consultancy Whose Mission is to Improve the Performance and Profitability of Law Firms.

It is no secret that the legal industry is facing unprecedented changes and disruption that has put pressure on billings, lowered profits and brought on new competitors.

These changes require senior leaders to be more innovative and come up with new ways to compete, win and grow their firms.

We are here to help.

Each consulting assignment begins with an assessment of the challenges you are facing or goals you want to achieve. From there, we develop a clear project plan comprised of optimal mix of our services and tools — that will bring about the desired change.

Our List of Services

Develop a Winning Strategy

Developing an effective and innovative strategy is the foundation of your firm’s future and performance.

Our strategic planning process takes the guesswork out of developing, communicating and executing a winning strategy.

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Build the Right Practice Group Mix

Building the right mix of practices and services to effectively serve clients is the cornerstone of your firm and must be done carefully.

We help firms, either as part of the strategic planning process or as a standalone project, determine which groups they need to add, invest in or divest.

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Optimize Your Client Portfolio

To improve performance and profitability, firms need to take a strategic approach to building the optimal portfolio of clients.

Using the Concata Quadrants, we help firms plot, assess and determine the best approach to take with each client

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Select the Right Laterals

Successfully hiring, onboarding and integrating laterals into your firm needs to be a core competency.

We have developed an end-to-end evaluation and integration process that significantly improves the odds your hires will succeed.

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Select the Right Acquisitions

If you use acquisitions as part of your growth strategy, knowing how to value and integrate a firm into your culture is an essential skill.

Concata has developed an acquisition process that takes the guesswork out of conducting due diligence and gives you the essential information to make an informed decision.

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Develop a Comp System that Rewards Desired Behavior

Devising a compensation system that rewards and incentivizes the behavior you want your attorneys to demonstrate, will go a long way towards improving performance.

We help firms to develop comp systems based on knowing the true profitability of your attorneys’ hours, originations and clients.

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Design the Optimal Governance Structure

The optimal governance structure facilitates leadership, improves performance and enhances culture.

We help firms develop a governance structure that is optimized to support their strategy and performance goals.

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