About Concata

Concata is a legal consultancy whose mission is to optimize law firm profitability

We work with senior leaders and other firm executives to boost profits, so you can attract and retain top talent, fund growth, secure the best clients and achieve market dominance.

We do this through a combination of consulting, training and leadership of high-impact change initiatives.

Our core service is our pricing and profitability work. The results of this work are highly enlightening and deliver new processes, tools, reports and insights that will change your firm culture. No longer will attorneys wonder if a matter, client, attorney or group is profitable — they will know.

Our List of Services

Pricing and Profitability

Optimize the profitability of each “level” of your firm — matters, clients, attorneys and practice groups. Develop key insights using the tools, reports and data from this foundational work.

Laterals and Firm Acquisitions

Take the guesswork out of the due diligence process and determine the true value of your lateral attorneys, lateral groups and acquisition candidates — before you complete the deal.

Compensation Systems

Update and refine your comp systems to accurately reflect the true contribution of each attorney.

Profitability Training

Choose from a variety of levels of profitability training tailored to firm leaders, attorneys and key staff to ensure that change efforts are a success. Our goal is to help everyone develop the necessary “fiscal hygiene” to run the firm more efficiently.

Year-End Collections

Significantly increase both the percentage and pace of year-end collections.