Does Your Firm's Structure Support Your Strategy?

We Help Firms Develop the Right Governance Structure

Leading a law firm is challenging in the best of times, but it is doubly so if you have an outdated or ineffective governance structure.

As firms grow (and sometimes contract) their governance structures need to evolve too. What worked well with 30 partners often fails you when you hit 100 partners or vice versa.

While there is no “one size fits all” approach, effective structures share certain characteristics every firm can utilize.

You can find some of these characteristics in this simple quiz.

Take this Quick Quiz to Determine If Your Structure Needs Updating

  • Given your strategy and pace of growth, does your structure allow you to respond quickly to industry changes, unexpected problems and new opportunities?
  • Does your structure support the implementation, accountability and reporting of your practice group leaders’ plans and efforts?
  • Does your current structure support fast, effective decision-making?
  • Does you firm feel like it operates as “one firm” versus a “collection of solos”?
  • Are your key constituencies’ views easily reported up to firm leadership?
  • When strategic decisions are made, does your structure support quick dissemination of changes, critical information and coordination of efforts?
  • Do your senior leaders have clear roles, responsibilities and reporting requirements? Do you know what they do and what value they provide?

If you answered “no” to more than two of these questions, it may be time to review your firm’s structure.

Getting Started

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