Lateral Valuation Services

Good Due Diligence is the Key to Success

Whether you are hiring an individual lateral attorney or an entire group, making the wrong choice is expensive—in many ways.

Given that 54% of all lateral hires fail to meet expectations, it is critical to have a due diligence process that results in you knowing if your candidate is a good “fit” strategically, culturally, client-wise and economically.

The Concata process takes the guesswork out of conducting due diligence and gives you the essential information to make an informed hiring decision.

How We Work

Partner With Your Team

We partner with your team to conduct the due diligence process. Our shared goal is to determine if the candidate or group meets the jointly developed metrics. In short, are they a good fit?

Divide the Tasks

The diligence tasks are divided between your team and ours. Using our tools (process, forms, questions), you conduct the strategic, cultural and client fit portions of the analysis.

Conduct Due Diligence

We conduct the economic due diligence — using a robust set of tools that accurately assess the true value of the candidate’s hours, realization, originations, profits and clients.

Deliver Profile Report

This information is summarized into a “lateral fit” profile that you, the management committee and the partnership use to debate the merits of the candidate, so you can come to an informed decision as to whether you should invite them into your firm or not.

Getting Started

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